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Article written on April 6th, 2017 by Opus Alb:

Not to be outdone, Kreshnik's Belcore acts and sings better than Vienna's"
Southern Oregon's Mail Tribune - May 08, 2012

Worldwide Who's Who Names Opera Singer Kreshnik Zhabjaku Professional of the Year in
Operatic Performance: Kreshnik Zhabjaku Has Received Numerous Distinctions for
Excellence in the Field

"It was a treat to hear Albanian-born Kreshnik Zhabjaku in the title role, for instance. Not only is
his voice lovely and strong, but his acting skills came to the fore as he played the wily servant
of a philandering count. Zhabjaku, who has won many competitions now lives and works in
New York".
Edith Decker - Oregon's the Daily Courier - May 13, 2010

"As the licentious Don, Kreshnik Zhabjaku has sexiness to spare, and it's easy to see -- and
hear -- why so many ladies swoon over him. He leaps over Mozart's beautiful vocal hurtles with
lithe agility and palpable masculinity."
Lee Williams and D. L. Groover - Houston Press - March 29, 2007

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Delight your senses with Kreshnik
Zhabjaku's CD: VOCE D'ANGELO
Kreshnik Zhabjaku - Baritone
Figaro in Marriage of Figaro, Mozart